The Reasons We Haven’t Posted in 3 Weeks… You’re Gonna Have to Wait on Us

You devoted readers, all three of you, may be wondering where we’ve gone the past few weeks. Well, believe it or not, we have some well laid out reasons for this.

1. We are college students! Our final exams are coming up, and I personally know for a fact that if I kept posting obsessively like I was the first two weeks we were up, I would have bombed my classes. After finals are done, we will be up and running like before.

2. We were the Dead Zone. Honestly though, April is the worst time of year for movies. The Oscar films are no longer in theaters and the summer slam of sweet blockbusters has not yet graced us. Think about this; the best reviewed movie of the month was “Cabin in the Woods”? Really? God, let my screening of “The Avengers” tomorrow night come quickly, do not forsake us.

3. We’re all about to leave school for the summer, so we’re spending time with people that we won’t see for awhile. I hope that’s alright with you, devoted reader.

Be looking forward to a preview for the rest of the year, as well as reviews on the best films of the summer. I’m already looking forward to it.


Head Writer/Editor


2 thoughts on “The Reasons We Haven’t Posted in 3 Weeks… You’re Gonna Have to Wait on Us

  1. Taylor Mills says:

    I’m gonna need a review of Avengers ASAP. You’ve got nothing else going on, right?

    • C. Tuttle says:

      Just posted an ‘Avengers’ review today! Also planning on seeing “Cabin in the Woods” tonight, hoping to right about that one tomorrow. The blog is back in full swing!

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