About ‘The Sorkin Notes’

Movies are a passion of mine. This blog is devoted to reviewing movies that are overrated and underrated, old and new, great and awful. This is an opportunity for me do something that I love; talk about film. I hope this can turn into something meaningful for those who love movies.

The title of this blog is in honor of one of my favorite episodes of HBO’s Entourage. Aaron Sorkin is also one of the best writers working today, so this is my little way of paying homage to him. After each review, the writer of the review will give a one sentence note of praise or criticism. Essentially, if you could sum up my thoughts about the film into one sentence, that’s my note.

These reviews divided up into several categories.

On The Silver Screen- Movies that are currently in theaters.

Oscar Movies- This is pretty self-explanatory: Films that were nominated for an Oscar in a major category (Best Picture, Acting, or Direction)

Classics- Movies that have stood the test of time and are, in my mind, significant and memorable movies.

You Need to See It- Movies that have been sorely underrated, and therefore, under watched as well.

Couldn’t Be Worse- This distinction honors movies that are so awful that they need to be written about. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

We hope to grow this blog to allow for guest writers and critics for the blog. The last thing I want is for my voice to be only one that is heard, so feel free to comment, agree, disagree, or say something about the films being discussed.

Please enjoy!


Carson Tuttle (Editor-in-Chief, Head Writer)


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